About Me

Okay, you’re probably wondering, “Is this just some random guy with no interior design experience that is gonna post a bunch of half-baked ideas that although slightly cool are all together impractical and ugly?”  And who would blame you.  I’ve visited a bunch of those “Hack” Ikea sites, and while some of those ideas are pretty ingenious, most have no relevance to what I want to do and a lot, while practical, lack beauty.

Where I come from is a strong background in design… not interior design, graphic design… but I also grew up building and became a residential home contractor.  In addition to this I began my own side business as a custom cabinet builder.

These varied professions have allowed me to learn a lot about color and how to match shapes and textures.  To recognize what period pieces will meld well with others, and because I learn how to do things visually, I pay super close attention to how things are put together and then go out and replicate that technique.

While I was in college I was going to auctions, refinishing, recovering and converting furniture… I know, not your average college experience.  But honestly, what college taught me, was to pull from whatever resource was available and then re-imagine what a rug, a chair or a table could be.

Now, many, many years later I’m on my own again and I’m full of ideas… the only thing holding me back is time and money.  But, like in college, I plan to use low cost resources to start off with, and then refinish, recover and re-imagine them into something great!

I hope you’ll follow me on this interior design journey, and I hope you learn something from it that will help you re-imagine your space!

Author and Designer:  Will Slaton


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