Lots of Crazy Ideas in My Head

After a divorce and leaving it all behind, I want to strike out on my own, with my style and my design ideas, crafting a dwelling that is, in essence… me!

I left with very little. Mostly a couple of antiques that are family relics, some beat up crappy furniture and an Ikea TV cabinet that is still in good shape, along with some base level electronics.

My overlying concept is to use a lot of Ikea furniture (and the like), modify it to make it custom, keeping a neutral 2-color pallet throughout (in this case dark gray and white), then back filling with a few expensive pieces and peppering with accent colors — primarily staged 1 to 2 accent colors per room.

The result, should prove that with this basic formula anyone with a little skill and ingenuity should be able to create a beautifully designed interior on a tight budget, that gives the impression that you spent a fortune on a decorator.

I’ve already planned most of this out in my head and use Photoshop to prove up some of my design ideas. This helps me to visualize my rooms before making purchases. When I can see what doesn’t work, I can alter my design plan slightly and make fewer purchasing mishaps.

Since it is an apartment, it won’t have a lot of rooms covered, but I welcome others to please lend me your comments and offer your projects to post here as well.